Общество с ограниченной ответственностью "Уралпромкомпрессор"

Корпоративный центр
Адрес: 620049, г. Екатеринбург, ул. Фрунзе 96
тел.: (343) 345-47-45


Uralpromcompressor  is a professional producer and supplier of air compressors, industrial equipment,  spare parts. Our production facilities and stock are located in Ekaterinburg, Russia

We provide air compressors, post-processing purifying equipment, and accessories of air compressor equipment, and also offer related services of maintenance and repair. We have a comprehensive research and development, manufacture, marketing and after-sales service system. Our products are quality certified by Russian standard GOST and EAC

Besides domestic market and selling our products in every region of Russia, we also develop international markets. We have introduced our products and services into the many countries successfully and won a good reputation. Customers in Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Georgia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Iran, Egypt, Mongolia, the EU states and many others enjoy using our products.

Our company has in stock and supplies in every city worldwide  compressors and spare parts for such compressors as VV-0.8 /8-720 (ВВ-0,8/8-720), VV 08 (BB 08),   EK-7 and EK-4 EK 7B (ЭК-7 ЭК-4),   VG-0.58 / 8-540,  VV0.8 / 8-720, S415 S416M, K6, K31, k3, K5, K2, K22, K20, K30, K-24M, K25M,S-412, KM1, K29, K1, KV7, K11, K12, K23, PK-1.75, PK 3.5, PK  5.25, PKSD-5,25m, PKSD-3.5, PKSD-1.75, PKS-5.25, PKS3,5, 4VU1-5 / 9, KSE-5M, KT 6, KT-7, VShV-2,3 / 230, VShV-2.3 / 230M, VShV-3/100 AVSh-6/8, AVSh 6/10, AVSh 3.7 / 200, VSh-2.3 / 400, PKS-7/100 UKS-400-131, UKS-400V, 402VP-4/220, PIK individual valve, compressor BB 08.8, BB 08 compressor, air compressor, SH, BB 08 8-720 compressor, air compressor, EK4, compressor BB 0 8 8,  and many others.

We can supply compressors that were and are produced in Russia and in the former Soviet Union

We ship our products in any country worldwide and arrange custom clearance in Russia.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail sale@uralcompressor.ru our English-speaking managers will be glad to assist you.